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  See/hear me talk about my art process on YouTube!  
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  The Berkeley Daily Planet  
  For three years I wrote a column for The Berkeley Daily Planet newspaper, under my "maiden" name: P.M. Price.  If you'd like to read some of my essays on culture, class, racism, sexism and parenting please click on the link above and type in: P.M. Price.  
  Amazon Books  
  I've written and illustrated two children's board books; "My Skin Is Brown" and "My Hair Is Beautiful Because It's Mine!" focused on celebrating the range of skin colors and hair textures within the African American community. These books sold out but before they could go into a second printing, the publisher, Glenn Thompson, passed away. The remaining "seconds", e.g. damaged books, were supposed to go to me but it appears that someone(s) got ahold of them and has made a fortune selling them on amazon, ebay and other book selling sites. They have been selling my books for $40-300 as rare book items and I HAVEN'T RECEIVED A PENNY OF THIS MONEY!
I am currently looking for a new publisher so that I can put a stop to this hijacking and profit from my own books myself, soon. So, if you search for "Paula deJoie books" on the internet, please, look but don't buy...just yet!
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